Project 365 – Day 1


Day 1 – Today is the first day of a project I have set myself, take one photo every day for a year, Project 365. Some photos will be a little more interesting than others due to work commitments, but my images will range from lovely landscapes (like today) to a walk to work, something at home or the office or just something I see somewhere out. My photos will be taken on my trusty Nikon D800, my Nikon V1 or my iPhone, most likely my iPhone as with me everyday. So, Day one, New Years Day, a hangover free day after a quiet New Years Eve in, this has been a refreshing change so I have headed  to the Malvern Hills with my expecting Wife, my Pooch and a group of close friends. On the way to the Hill we drove over the River Avon which was heavily flooded due to the bad weather of 2012, my aim was to stop here on the journey back home and hopefully capture a reflecting sunset as the light dropped. So this is my fist picture of 2013.