Day 173 –  Washing on line. I love to take  photos from strange angles, they are views we don’t normally see on a day to day basis, so with my pursuit to get a different 365 project photo to put on my blog, I snapped this whilst getting the washing in!  

Day 172 – Snug in a rug. Well actually its a very soft throw/blanket and today is the complete opposite of yesterdays shoot. It’s a lot more chilled  and little Ben slept easy, especially with the heat of the lights!  

Day 171 – In the frame. Today has been an epic wedding, one that has challenged me to extremes, from dodging the rain to fighting the wind, running round like a loon and battling back emotions. This was a very emotional wedding, one that brought back some raw emotions of my mum passing, sadly like […]

Day 170 – Short term memory. It’s a big wedding tomorrow so it’s time clear down the memory cards ready for the big day and the heavy trigger finger. When the day is down it’ll be time to move them over to the hard drive to make way for the next shoot, hopefully i won’t […]

Day  169 – Milky milky! Some things in life are just essential to get through the night, and here are two of those things, one for baby and the other for mum! Dairy milk for momma and and powdered milk for bubba! Nothing like contented smiles in this house, chocolatey or milky ones!  

Day 169 – Puppy eyes. Poor old Bella has been neglected recently due to Hugo being around, at one point she would run off if I got the camera out as she had had enough of it being thrust in her face. But times have change and  now she desires all the attention I will […]

Day 167 – My life Yesterday I took a photograph which was a version of my self portrait, today I have done another virtual representation of me, something similar to yesterday but this time what is important in my life as well as surrounds it, all of which makes me a happy man!  

  Day 166 – Self Portrait. I was stuck for an idea today, but having recently downloaded a new photo app which currently my new distraction, I thought I would take my own photo by flipping the camera on my iPhone, filter it, add some appropriate text and stick it next to my keyring of […]

  Day 165 – The kids get interviewed. As you probably know I take photos of my children more than most, but this one was about having a bit of fun, lottie loved this just as much as me, not sure what Hugo thought. I just want to put big speech bubbles on this image […]

  Day 164 – Love drink. I love taking pictures of people sat on benches, one of my all time favourites is of an old couple sat on a bench in the park just down from this one. The couple are eating their lunch, chatting and sharing a moment, and from the picture you can […]

  Day 163 – Board Monkeys. I am a big lover of graffiti, so when I saw these Banksy’esque paintings I had to take a picture, so with my trusty iPhone I share these cheeky chimps!  

  Day 162 – Mummies boy. I constantly thrust my camera in my loved ones faces,to their perseverance with me, at first it was my daughter, then her and my wife and since the arrival of my son, him also. I am pretty sure you need no reminder of this if you have seen my […]

  Day 160 – Poppy Close-up. On day 158 (click here) I took a photo of this flower with an iPhone with a macro lens on, this is what it looks just a little bit further away, go look at what it looks like close up, it’s very different!  

  Day 159 – Smoking weed. I Love experimental photography, it’s great fun playing around until you get what you want. Now, I can’t take full credit for the idea behind this picture as my wife saw this and recommended I tried it, so that’s what i did. These thing flare up so quickly, even […]

  Day 158 – Macro in the middle. Today was a nice sunny day and I fancied trying out a mini lens I had for the iPhone rather than breaking out the big boy. The attachment is a two in one, a wide angle and a macro lens, the just screw apart. It doesn’t take […]

  Day 157 – Parking for Barking. Today I visited the lovely village of Winchcombe, a typical Cotswolds village but with so many cool boutique shops, this very stylish store had a parking spot for dogs, a water bowl and even offered you dog treat when you bought something! Now that is service, so if […]

  Day 156 – Iconic wheels Today I had the privilege to photograph two original 1960’s Fiat 500’s for Photography Monthly magazine (look out for the feature in the July issue). One has suicide doors and a red canvas roof and the other a little more sporty with the chrome wire wheels. Ever since the […]

  Day 155 – Hugo Love The sun was shining and I wanted to have a second attempt at photographing Hugo in the lovely basket I bought for him to pose in. As it was bright outside I wanted to make the most of the natural light, I’m not quite there yet but this was […]

  Day 154 – Tears… I guess my little boy just isn’t ready for model stardom just yet. This little chap is wiser than I thought, all I get when the camera come out is tears, maybe it’s for quiet time, I hope this wears off soon otherwise I will be the one in tears! […]

  Day 153 – Tiddler on the Roof. Today we had a call that someone might be interested in buying our little sports cars, well my wife’s actually, but nonetheless it’s due to be test driven tomorrow. I thought it would be a good opportunity to take her for a quick spin and as the […]