Day 155 – Hugo Love The sun was shining and I wanted to have a second attempt at photographing Hugo in the lovely basket I bought for him to pose in. As it was bright outside I wanted to make the most of the natural light, I’m not quite there yet but this was […]

  Day 140 – In the driving seat. Yes, I am afraid it’s another baby picture of Hugo, apologies for the constant stream of baby related posts, but with time absorbed by this little fella for the last week or two its been difficult to photograph anything else,  so it looks like he really is […]

  Day 34 – Balls to it! Sometimes it’s not about getting the perfect picture, a picture that is pin sharp, perfectly exposed with the composition to satisfy any photographic snob. Its about capturing a picture that  shares moment or story, like this image, you can see the happiness hidden behind the balls, a memory […]