Day 179 – Time to reflect. Today was a great day with friends at a charity event for the Cotswold Downs Syndrome Group, close friends have a child with Down Syndrome and have a close involvement with the Charity, I am always happy to help in any way I can, so went along to […]

Day 171 – In the frame. Today has been an epic wedding, one that has challenged me to extremes, from dodging the rain to fighting the wind, running round like a loon and battling back emotions. This was a very emotional wedding, one that brought back some raw emotions of my mum passing, sadly like […]

Day 170 – Short term memory. It’s a big wedding tomorrow so it’s time clear down the memory cards ready for the big day and the heavy trigger finger. When the day is down it’ll be time to move them over to the hard drive to make way for the next shoot, hopefully i won’t […]

  Day 142 – The Road is long. Two days and no baby photograph! It’s been a long day at the office and I’ve not had time to get the ideal photograph I would like to post, but hey, the project is one photo a day for 365 days, the point is to take a […]

  Day 141 – Beautiful outlook. At last a picture that isn’t a baby image, however I was driving Hugo around as I had to drop my wife off somewhere. As the white noise of the car motion made him sleepy I jumped out at a lay-by and took a quick shot of the Malvern […]

  Day 128 – A stroll in the park? Not content with taking one picture everyday for a year, I have set myself another challenge, to take a photograph from this spot every time I walk past it on my way to the office also for a year. This isn’t taken every day as I […]

  Day 126 – Online communication. It’s amazing how these lines have allowed us to speak to people all over the world, and now we are needing them less and less as we have mobile phones, something still to this day can’t get my head round how they work! So now with fibre optics / […]

  Day 123 –  Family resemblance. Today was a great day, I took my nephew, my daughter and my dog out for a sunny stroll. I armed my daughter with my little Nikon V1, Leon (my nephew) had his Canon 450d and the dog had her usual sniffing nose, so off we went to get […]

  Day 120 – Apple Juice I lead such a busy life, i’m not complaining, it has always been that way, with the magazine, my freelance work and photography, plus day to day life, not to mention my now expectant wife needing all the help I can give. So at the moment the only time […]

  Day 119 – Two doors, Tulips! My home town is a pretty place, it has incredible old architecture, the new is questionable but that’s a matter of taste. Everyday I walk past two glorious regency terraces on my way to the office, this morning the council had been busy planting flowers in their eternal […]

  Day 117 –  Love conquers all. Today I met up with the very cool and gorgeous couple, Dan and Holly, I drove a round trip of 280 miles to take some pre-wedding shots and to visit the venues in preparation for the big day. I love this picture, they look so happy and the […]

  Day 101 – Blooming marvellous. At last it feels like the summer is here and this is one of my favourite spots in Cheltenham this time of the year. It’s due to the these gorgeous trees that blossom in pink and just look beautiful with the Regency buildings in the background!  

  Day 108 – Looking back at a great trip. Today was my last day shooting in Sri Lanka, I took loads of photos, saw lots of amazing things, met some lovely people and learnt some new things, I had an experience that I will remember for a long time, but looking back, one thing […]

  Day 107 – The lights are on… In the south of Sri Lanka there are traditional fishermen that sit on posts out in the sea to fish, iconic images of these men (and women?) can be easily found in any guide/brochures to Sri Lanka etc. When I was last here a year and a half […]

  Day 105 – Seeing double. 15 Minutes after leaving Sigiriya we came across this view, I asked the driver to pull over so that I could get a picture of this field full of water as the location was gorgeous. I had wanted to get a photo of this kind of field, not only […]

  Day 104 – Big baby! Today I had a hot walk round Sigiriya, taking pictures of surrounding landscapes and wildlife, the cattle here were cooling off in the field full off water, at this point I could of quite happily of jumped in myself to cool off, but I think everything would of bolted […]

  Day 103 – Storm in a tea cup. I have been trying to photograph fork lightening for about 20 years, and  for whatever reason, things just haven’t worked out, a roll of film wasn’t loaded correctly (yes FILM!), didn’t have camera, or tripod or by the time I got somewhere I could take a […]

  Day 94 – Mellow yellow. As I walked home the sun was setting and I caught sight of the house in the distance that was illuminated yellow /orange from the street lamp. The sky looked amazing with the clouds looking dark and dramatic as the sun disappeared and the Daffodils vibrant colours started to […]

  Day 92 –  Barking up the wrong tree. I go up to these woods frequently, to walk the dog, allow my daughter to play and climb the trees as she so loves to do, and to get perspective on things. I look down on the beautiful town I live in, let the fresh air […]

  Day 87 – A copy right? This is me taking a photo, of a two guys taking a photo of a photo taken by the guy in the white shirt! Confused? The guy here won the student category at the Professional Photographer Of The Year (PPOTY) 2013 and it was my duty working for […]