Day 239 – Cheeky little kiss? As a child I have always loved porsche, I always said one day I will own one… still waiting, but the kind I want doesn’t support a growing family and I am not allowed a mid life crisis just yet, not to mention I don’t have the time […]

  Day 160 – Poppy Close-up. On day 158 (click here) I took a photo of this flower with an iPhone with a macro lens on, this is what it looks just a little bit further away, go look at what it looks like close up, it’s very different!  

  Day 158 – Macro in the middle. Today was a nice sunny day and I fancied trying out a mini lens I had for the iPhone rather than breaking out the big boy. The attachment is a two in one, a wide angle and a macro lens, the just screw apart. It doesn’t take […]