Brinsop Court Wedding Photography – Clara and Mario

Brinsop Court  – Clara and Mario

Cotswold Wedding photography at Brinsop Court, Hereford, Herefordshire.

Clara and Mario were married at the stunning Brinsop Court in Hereford, Herefordshire. Now, a little predictable, but with most of my wedding posts I alway kick off with the weather, so here it is my report, the weather wasn’t great, it was pretty damp in fact and wasn’t looking to improve, so definitely rain was on the cards! But as they say, every cloud has a silver lining, and that it did!

Nestled away in the Hereford countryside Brinsop is a stunning venue and I can definitely understand why you would want to marry there. The buildings are beautiful as are the grounds and you are nicely enclosed in your own green romantic bubble surrounded by fields, trees and stunning ponds/lakes! When I got the enquiry I was amazed to hear that Mario and Clara were from Switzerland and planned to get married in Hereford, thinking they had family ties here, but no, they intended to get all their family and friends to travel from Switzerland and around the world. I would say this is a lovely accolade for Brinsop, but at the same time you only have to visit there to see why.

This was a slightly new experience for me also, as this wasn’t a traditional english style wedding and there were quite a few different traditions of their own, but I’ll get on to this shortly. The ceremony was in the house with a lovely floral arch, which actually was really hard to photograph round but still managed to get all the emotional and important photos required. One of the traditions I had never seen before was the ring warming ceremony. The rings are passed around everyone in the room to be blessed and given good vibes and hopes for the relationship, they get passed around everyone until they get back to the best-man who then gives them to the couple when its time to. You can see the emotion in the family’s faces as they get to hold these special items before they become a final part of the wedding ceremony.

The stunning flowers and arch were done by the amazing Issy and Bella, the hair and make-up was beautifully done by Tabitha MacCurrach-Paine, the decoration by the lovely Lauradana from Wedding Creations UK, and the ceremony was done by Yvonne Beck, who carried it out magnificently, most of which in German, but you didn’t ( or I didn’t) need to panic about understanding what was being said as visually you can work out the important moments as they happen, the I’do’s, the rings and the kiss of course! It was a beautiful and fun ceremony, one I will never forget.

Moving on to the confetti, this was also a little different from most weddings, they did have a little confetti but they had these gorgeous little wands with ribbons and little bells on. As Mario and Clara walked down the aisle of adoring family and friends, everyone waved the wands and threw confetti, it was a really happy and joyous moment and translates perfectly in the photos.

The day was a very relaxed day and seemed to fly by so quickly (albeit a very long day) as most weddings do. The structure of this wedding was a little different from most. We of course took photos throughout the day and did most of the formal photographs just after the confetti, as everyone was there it makes it easier to orchestrate and saves time. We also got a few portraits done around the stunning grounds of Brinsop Court, just before it started to rain which was perfect timing, as it was time to head in for the wedding breakfast. This is where things were a little different. The amazing wedding breakfast food produced by AtoZest at Brinsop was served, then Speeches, fairly normally at this point, you are probably thinking. After the wedding breakfast, it was downstairs to the bar/dancefloor for more speeches and a very funny video, followed by a cute first dance. After the first dance was completed, we went back upstairs in to the gorgeous banquet room for dessert, more games and speeches, all very funny and great for animated photographs.  The cutting of the gorgeous cake made by McGowen Wedding Cakes then followed, I think that latest I have ever done at 22:30, but the cake was cut, sampled and it was back downstairs for Clara to throw the bouquet for the ladies and Mario to throw the garter for the gents, again another hilarious moment. Normally by this point I would be travelling home as I tend to cap time at 10pm, especially if I have a wedding the following day, however fortunately I didn’t, so stayed a little longer. There was no way I could leave without utilising the rain that was present most of the day, and I think it’s safe to say it was worth staying for! It was a long day, one I will always remember and cherish and wish all the very best to Clara and Mario for the future together. Thank you for allowing me to be part of your incredible day. x

“Dear Noel,

September 28th, 2019, will stay in our hearts as one of the best days of our lives. we got to celebrate the wedding of our teams and it was all captured by you. We could not have asked more from you, you have been amazing. So professional, calming when we needed, full of beautiful ideas, giving great instructions when needed, but at the same time ‘unobtrusive’ in a perfect way. When planning our wedding, it was clear to us that photography was to be a big priority. And what can we say… we couldn’t be happier with you having taken our wedding pictures. You have been an important part of of day and we cannot thank you enough for your wonderful work. These beautiful  pictures represent a fabulous record of the day, bring back all the emotions and enabling us to relive this magical day over and over again. These are the photos that we will treasure for the rest of our lives. Thank you so much.”

– Clara and Mario

Brinsop Court wedding photography – If you are getting married at Brinsop Court and would like me to capture your big day here or in the Cotswolds, drop me a message with a few details via my contact page. We can then discuss availability and further information about your photography requirements. I look forward to hearing from you and finding out more about your wedding plans!