Hyde Barn Wedding Photography

Sally and Charles

Hyde House / Hyde Barn Wedding Photography

With a busy year at Hyde Barn, I know what this great place has to offer. One thing I can’t predict is the weather so with my drive over in the morning through grey clouds and puddle riddled roads it wasn’t looking too promising for many photos being taken outside.

After being greeted by Sally and her bridesmaids it was time to get down to business, mentally plan the day and hope for a break in the weather, ideally continuing my good fortune with the weather gods for non total washouts. As the bride got ready I grabbed the first set of images to start the days story.

One of the things i love about Hyde Barn is it’s big brother (or sister) next door, Fosse Manor. It allows me to go between the bride and groom getting ready, after a few dashes back and forward trying my best to avoid the downpours. As time was ever ticking closer to the dress being buttoned it seem as though the big guy upstairs was parting the clouds. Although not safe enough for a outside wedding, the ceremony continued in the main barn, looking fabulous.

With a very entertaining and beautiful ceremony it was all sealed with the ‘I do’ and the married kiss. One thing I will never forget of this wedding was the sound of the hymns, this group of people were the most harmonious people i have ever heard, feeling like i was at a professional concert… WOW! So the weather is remaining kind, the wind was being a little playful but nonetheless we headed outside for some formal photographs and of course the candid and romantic couple pictures. As always the confetti shots never fail to be great fun and produce animated and happy photographs. Hyde barn is such a great venue to get many pictures in such a small distance that all look different, and with it being in the prime of the Autumn season the ground was laden with lovely orange fallen leaves which looked great contrasting on the rich green grass. If you have read any of my other post I am a big fan of twinkle lights, and Hyde Barn has plenty of them around, especially this time of year so the Arbor always looks sensational!

With the fresh air and the wind starting to get the better of us it was time to head in to warmer temperatures and welcomes. Now it’s time for the speeches, wedding breakfast and a tipple or two, except me of course!  As usual the Barn is looking fantastic and as the light fades the twinkle lights and candles make the place look magical. I had pre warned Sally and Charles that there was a possibility of a cracking sunset and would they like to pop out if that was the case, and of course who can snub and beautiful sunset before the evening festivities begin? So out we went…

As the day continued to press on the barn prepared for the evening entertainment and we caught a few more images, the cutting of the cake, the fun with the photo booth props, but before the first dance gathered a ring of family and friends, we headed outside for a few sparkler photographs in front of the arbor, a great way to finish the day.

Yet again it was another incredible day at Hyde Barn, I would like to wish both Sally and Charles a huge congratulations and all the best for their future together. I am very much looking forward to returning in 2015 for many more exciting weddings.