Project 365 – Day 12


Day 12 – When I started this project I thought how hard can it be to take one photo a day? Well not hard at all, unless you feel you need to take a picture that has a meaning, is clever in it’s entirety  or something people would go ‘damn that’s a great photo!’ So each day I strive to go out and take a different kind of picture, one that people would really appreciate. All creative people are insecure and need reassurance, a pat on the back, an ego boost, we are not big headed or vain, we just need to know what we do is liked so we can carry on, and on in the right direction. 12 days in and already my daughter has appeared in this project twice, I don’t want the whole thing to be filled with my child and soon to be children but if  you create something special, you just want to tell the world, so here is day 12 and I am pretty confident there will be more child/baby pictures to follow this year, this is possibly the one thing I don’t need a pat on the back for as any parent would understand.