Project 365 – Day 183



Day 183 – End of the day for our little friend?

So today we got a phone call that someone is interested in our 2 seater convertible, the poor little Mazda skateboard doesn’t get the attention it should, now that the baby has arrived. The weather is getting better, and I think the summer is possibly here, well for a few days at least, so interest in the car has risen like the temperatures. It’s my job (what a hardship!) to take her out for potentially our last drive, so camera strapped in, roof down it’s off for a final moment together with the wind in my hair, as I was heading back I caught this field with a nice orange glow from the sunset, it didn’t last long as the sun dropped behind the distant Malvern Hills, so it was time to head home and hope our little car went to nice new owners, I will miss that little car, just like the summer we never get! Or will we?