Project 365 – Day 188



Day 188 – Singing from the same page.

Wow, I was minutes away from failing this project, 1 photo everyday for 365 days. Now the rules are you can post them whenever but the photo must be taken on that day, I have been close a few times, and some of the pictures have been artistically questionable too, this one joins that list! But in a quest to simplify my FB page time has slipped passed me, and with literally 3 minutes before heading into tomorrow I am left with no option but to photograph the closest thing to me with my iPhone! My Macbook screen with my fight with Facebook to change my Page from Lifethrualens to Cotswold Pictures, as having the two different names is confusing. I must admit Facebook policies and procedures are worse, it’s like trying to find direct contact details on most corporate companies nowadays, probably easier to compose a song!