Project 365 – Day 20


Day 20 – When I started this project I really wanted to avoid filling each day with pictures of  1. My Daughter  2. My Dog  3. My soon to arrive baby. But like anything in life you love so much you can’t help but want to share it, I would add my wife to that list but she is a little more reserved (polite description!) when it comes to me waving the camera around. Unfortunately my daughter, dog and the imminent baby have no choice, so come May there may be a few baby pictures… Just saying!  I remember as a kid how exciting the snow was and that nothing would beat going out on a sledge with your parents, mainly dad, so after a week of snow, in Poland and now here, it was time to have some fun, be a kid again and take my daughter out in the snow.  Watching her running up and sledging down a hill rekindled how thrilling, exciting and what fun the snow is. One of the perks of having a child is that you can be a kid again… without looking like a nutter!