Project 365 – Day 206



Day 206 – Sunset high-rise

Today I wanted to get out and catch one of the lovely sunsets I keep missing, so poised at the door trying to see if the sun and clouds were going to dance together to give us a closing show performance I waited with camera, hugo and baby car seat. After ‘umming’ and ‘arrring’ I headed out to find the best spot with my babies. I headed up the hill,  a nothing shot, next stop Cheltenham landmark Pittville Pump Rooms, nothing shot, light is in the wrong place, so with tail between my legs it’s off home without a shot. As I headed back I passed  the Boy’s college and the skyline breaker of Cheltenham’s only high rise building, to notice the sky showing it’s colours and the clouds hovering around to create and nice backdrop, click, click, done!