Project 365 – Day 95



Day 95 – Never Forget

Today is a day of mixed emotion, it would normally be a day of celebrating birth, the birth of my mother who sadly lost her battle to cancer almost four years ago. Janet (my mum ) would of been 61 today and I always find it hard to grasp death of anyone at a young age. My mum always loved candles, in fact she had a candle cupboard, her husband would alway wonder why she would buy more when the cupboard was always full, but it gave her comfort!  I always light a candle for her on her birthday, the day she died and throughout Christmas as this was one of her favourite times of the year, a time so full of fond memories for me. Anyone that has lost someone close to them will understand  why these little rituals are so important in our lives that travel so fast as does time. Like my mum it gives me comfort and even more so after looking up the symbolism of candles and remembrance… Light is pure; it penetrates darkness; it moves with incredible velocity; it nourishes life; it illumines all that comes under its influence, this could be truer for my mum.