Quirky Wedding Photography – Alvor – Portugal


I love to take photographs that are a little different from the norm. I was inspired by a photograph I saw last year of a dinosaur chasing a wedding party, so I posed the idea to a couple that love design and all things cool and quirky about something similar. How about we try something ourselves on the beach? With a big thumbs up, it was just a question of time and the right moment. So after the ceremony had be sealed we headed to the beach to take the romantic shots and after set up the artistic shot. I explained to the bride, groom and party the plan… simple, run up the beach screaming like lunatics. The bathers and on lookers on the Portugese beach watched in amusement, not knowing that the finished picture would have an AT-AT from Star Wars chasing the Bridal group. Don’t worry no bridal group was harmed in the making of this picture.