Withington Wedding Photography

Cally and Dan

Withington Wedding Photography

I was called one evening to see if I was free to discuss the wedding photography for Cally and Dan, so one winter evening I headed over to the beautiful Cotswold village of Withington. As I entered the house I was greeted by Cally and Dan and my school teacher from over 25 years ago, it was a lovely blast from the past. After a showing my portfolio and discussing my packages I left hoping that I was a well behaved pupil! Thankfully I couldn’t of been too bad as received a call for me to capture the day. Before we go any further she was my geography teacher, so not her fault for my english, I was more of a creative and practical person than a theory person!

On the big day I headed over to Withington with nothing but excitement as I do with all weddings, but this was a home game, just a few minutes up the road from Cotswold Pictures base. Not only was it a beautiful venue, it was going to be full of photographic gems, from the location, the car (oh the gorgeous car) and the people.

Cally’s parent have beautiful place which lent itself perfectly to the gorgeous dress, shoes flowers etc, so with the weather looking great it was a recipe set for an incredible day. With the the photos clicked documenting the day as it started it was time to head over to the local pub and see what the gents were up to. A few jars of dutch courage, a tap of the pocket to double check safe placing of the rings and a few laughs with the best man and entourage. Time to head to the church for them and back to the house for me for the big dress reveal. Enter the cars…

Cally and her very proud father graced the aisle with smiles ear to ear and an emotional Dan waited in adoration, and who wouldn’t of? As the vows were sealed and the cheers, smiles and admiration lifted the roof, it was time to head back out in to the sunshine for hugs, kisses, confetti and a carriage back to the marquee in the glorious 1926 Bentley. For anyone that has read any other of my posts or know me personally will know I have a little affection for cars, old cars, actually any cars but this one was a stunner, I would of sold a kidney for this, unfortunately not sure my kidney would cover the costs of this classic!

With time being the essence at any wedding it was time to head in to the marquee for the cheers under the new guise of Mr and Mrs Hammond. As the tears, laughs and jokes spread, the speeches are digested with the food and the savoured with the wine evaporating quicker than the band can set up, but before we hit the dance floor, a first for me, under instruction of the brides sister we started a new trend, selfies with my rather cumbersome camera! I think i’ll stay the other side of the camera!

As our final photos were gathered in the field hoping for that golden sunset and before the ‘first dance’ gathered the crowds, I managed to do something I have never done before and will never do again, give the bride and groom an electric shock! As I set up a shot for Cally and Dan to lean on a fence looking out at the sunset over looking the horses, Dan touched an electric fence getting a jolt and passed that electric love to his new wife, thankfully it created laughter and a few  shocking jokes. It was slightly ironic that we had been out in this field a month or so before for the pre wedding shoot with Dan holding a fence wire pretending to get a shock! Jokes aside it was an electric day, full of all the ingredients a perfect wedding cooks up. I feel (yet again) very thankful to be part of this wedding and wish Cally, Dan and little Jack all the happiness in the world… Congratulations Mr and Mrs Hammond.