Amsterdam Engagement Photography

Amsterdam engagement wedding photography – Wietse & Alina and Elsemieke & Bart

Engagement photography session in Amsterdam, Holland, Netherlands.

Being given the opportunity to shoot two engagement sessions in Amsterdam, it was going to be a no brainer for me, a big fat yes! Flights booked, hotel booked, ideas conjured and the snow storm hit! Maybe not a big fat yes after all, those pesky Russians sending over their Beast from the East!

Okay so things didn’t exactly get off to a great start, but get given a hurdle, you jump it, albeit a little cold and a slippery one! Flights rebooked, hotel date changed and it’s off to Amsterdam as planned. One of the things I love so much about this trip is it only takes around 50 minutes from Bristol to Amsterdam, which is probably quicker than me getting a bus to my neighbouring home town, so maybe I should do this more often… anyone?  I was here with my wife in 2012, I absolutely love this city and at the time all the canals were frozen, something that doesn’t happen that often, and just so happened to again… however as the flight were cancelled and rebooked 5 days later the temperature had risen and the ice had melted. It’s a real shame as its great seeing all the ice skaters, and the cafes place chairs out on the ice, I would of loved to do a shoot on the ice. However, every cloud has a silver lining as they say and that was that I wouldn’t be working in a wind chill of -22.

Amsterdam is so beautiful and all too often automatically associated with the red light district and the ‘cafes’ you can smoke at. When I told people I was shooting in Amsterdam I got the ‘oh yeah, course you are’ and a cheeky wink! Actually I am, and with two gorgeous couples Wietse & Alina and Bart & Elsemieke. The city is lined with gorgeous architecture, canals, boats, bridges, so much culture, an amazing vibrance and bicycles everywhere, I should know I was constantly dodging them. I could of done with an extra pair of eyes whilst taking photos! So 3 days in Amsterdam, day one was admittedly a discovery day, checking out the city for some great photographic spots and to climatise, with a few dutch beers and some lovely food naturally.  Day two was all about the shoot, I had an idea of where I wanted to shoot but also had the help of the couples too of whom knew the area a lot better than me. But its not always alway the big obvious backdrops that place you in the city, it’s about great… cosy spots, textures, lines, great lighting and Amsterdam has an abundance of this. So with this in mind off we set late morning. First up Wietse and Alina.

Wietse & Alina

Bart & Elsemieke

Day three we hoped to go out and shoot again but sadly it rained most of the day, so I roamed the city and found some amazing spots i missed the days before, I used one of the images as a double exposure shot for Wietse and Alina. I would love to go back again soon, so if you fancy a day or weekend in Amsterdam for a engagement shoot please do get in touch.

Amsterdam wedding photography – If you are getting engaged or married in Amsterdam and would like me to capture your big day here or in the Cotswolds, drop me a message with a few details via my contact page. We can then discuss availability and further information about your photography requirements. I look forward to hearing from you and finding out more about your wedding plans!