Orchardleigh House Wedding Photography – Robyn and Stuart

Orchardleigh House wedding photography – ‘Take Me Out’ couple Robyn and Stuart

Cotswold wedding photography at Orchardleigh House, Frome, Somerset.

I hadn’t met Robyn and Stuart prior to their wedding day and hadn’t visited this venue either, boy was today going to be a fab day for firsts. With an early start setting off from Cheltenham I made my way to Frome through the beautiful city of Bath. On arrival I was greeted by a huge estate, gorgeous golf course surrounding the stunning manor house.

Round One

The Introduction –  I didn’t come down in a lift with some terrible dad dancing but I did manage to find Robyn and her family getting ready in one of the rooms downstairs, thankfully they left the lights on. This was where all the action was taking place before moving up to the gorgeous bridal room, with the amazing views across the grounds. It was a little chaotic at first, hair and make-up doing their thing, mum and sister steaming the dress with what looked like a kettle and dad… probably wishing it was a kettle, taking it all in and doing the dutiful dad stuff. I introduced myself and got down to business. I will try and refrain from using the TV show taglines…  I was instantly made to feel very welcome and the family were so down to earth and so lovely, constantly laughing and smiling, and they had every reason to. Whilst the girls were getting ready, I gave them a bit of space and went off to see Stuart. At first I thought I recognised this handsome looking chap, but had no idea where from, maybe it was just from another wedding or my mind playing tricks on me. Stuart was in great spirits greeting family and friends in the reception of Orchardleigh House before heading upstairs to get suited for round two.

Round Two

This is the part where someone reveals in an interview about the guy and his personality or traits etc, well it wasn’t far off, when I returned too see Robyn, I said I thought I had recognised Stuart and couldn’t put my finger on it. Robyn explained that they had met on the TV show ‘Take Me Out’ and maybe it was there. I was surprised to hear this and naturally bombarded Robyn for the story. It seemed there was a little theme appearing as Robyn’s sister had appeared on ‘Deal or No Deal’ too, we had something in common…so had I! Well sort of… it was my sister actually, I went up on the day she had her box, so got a little air time also. Myself (Noel) and Noel Edmonds share first names and date of birth… month and day, not year I hasten to add!  So moving on, the deal was about to go down and Stuart was about to beat the banker for the top prize!


Round 3

This round is normally where the man shows his skills, I think the skill today would be holding it together as he gets to see Robyn walking down the aisle with her dad, she looked amazing and had a smile the width of the panel of girls. Stuart had a pretty big grin too and they couldn’t of looked more perfect for each other. It was a very relaxed and beautiful ceremony, constant laughs and admiration from the chairs around them. With the ‘I do’s’ done, the paperwork signed it was just left to make their way up the stairs to Fernan… NO, past the stairs and out on to the lawn. Now was time for a few Pimms, with no Guinness in sight!


Round 4

Well round 4 probably needs to be skipped to the end part, as Stuart has already turned out all the lights and left the all important remaining one glowing, to have and to hold from this day forward. They could not look any happier than this moment right now and everyone couldn’t wait to get out on to the beautiful lawns of Orchardleigh and shower love and congratulations over the gorgeous couple.

A few Pimms down, plenty of hugs and kisses and we fire through a few family photos before letting Robyn and Stuart mingle with all their guests again. The staff work effortlessly to get the room ready for inspection, the candles are lit, no likey no… not now! The room looks incredible and with that, the guest take their seats for the Wedding breakfast, whilst we grab a few romantic photos before the room welcomes the new Mr and Mrs Smith with a big cheer.

Round 5

Okay, so round five is nothing like the show, as this would be the point Stuart would ask the question, pick the girl and whisk her off. Well he’s already asked the question and Robyn said yes. What is left is, the speeches, character assignation, heavily practiced in the gardens, the laughs, soooo many laughs, the masks (see below), the cake and the dancing.

We squeezed in an extra family dab pic with a cheeky shot of Stuart with the garter, again so many laughs, it was infectious. It’s clear to see these two are so in love, amazing chemistry, so much fun, loving life and laughter and are so well loved by everyone around them. I for one had an amazing day and pretty sure it wasn’t a patch on Robyn and Stuart’s day.

I did say I wasn’t going to use any lines from the TV show, however it would be hard not to say let the ‘Bride see the Groom’ or Stuart… New wifey, we likey!  I wish you both all the happiness in the world. Congratulations x

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