Coltsford Mill Wedding Photography

Eugenia and Phill

Coltsford Mill Wedding Photography

Eugenia and Phill got in touch with me about photographing their wedding at Coltsford Mill, initially I was a little surprised as most people use me for Cotswold weddings, but to be honest it is nice to travel out to new venues and areas. Travelling towards London is always nice and the two venues I had to visit were both lovely. But before we get on to the wedding the lovely couple travelled this way down the M4 to meet me in the picturesque Town of Fairford, for a pre-wedding / engagement session in a gorgeous Cotswold location. You can see the images here.

The Wedding Day was a southbound trip along the M4 and to start the day first stop was to meet Phill and the chaps at an amazing looking building, The Selsdon Park Hotel. The guys got ready, and as Phill (who is in the police force) wears a uniform most days decided to relax the formal wear to Jeans. So with shoes polished apart from one of the guys it was outside for a few groomsmen photos and sock shots. Right from the beginning I knew it was going to be a fun day, Phill was larger than life and was constantly smiling, laughing and cracking jokes, I think you’ll see this in the photos.

Whilst Eugenia was getting ready at Coltsford Mill I was given a little secret that she had arranged for Phill. She had managed to sort a vintage Morris Minor Police car from Hendon to transport him in style to the venue. The bestman was dressed in a vintage suit and looked the part, although the day before, he spent the day not looking so dapper fixing the vehicle making sure it was road legal, as it decided to test the patiences of the batsman. Thats all you need the day before on top of your usual duty pressures! Nonetheless it was running shipshape and all was good, the next test was beating the weather.

The day started off gloriously but forecasted rain was due to arrive in the afternoon, we just hoped we could get all the photos done before the heavens opened, I think we almost nailed it, but wanted to get some pics with the car, these didn’t quite make the dry spell, but it was great fun anyhow… umbrella at the ready!

Before I get too ahead of myself with the car it was time to meet the girls as they got ready in the house. With the bubbles flowing I started documenting the dress, shoes, flowers and bridal prep, before we knew it the Morris Minor was arriving and Phill was heading in to the Mill for the chat with the registrars before  the ceremony. Of course Phill was making sure everyone was welcomed and making them all laugh including myself.

The ceremony was lovely and of course wouldn’t go without any laughs, especially with Eugenia sending in the pageboy with a funny sign, as with all weddings you see that special bond between the couple, but Phill and Eugenia were so perfectly suited and you could just see how much they loved each other and how they made each other smile and laugh. With the ‘I do’s’ done it was out in to the sunshine for a bubble run, a nice replacement to confetti.

As the sun shone and the smiles beamed we worked through the formal shots and then headed off for 20 mins to get some romantic couple photos. I always try and shoot these from a distance allowing the Bride and Groom a little space to reflect on the day, and so they can have a good chat and giggle allowing me to catch relaxed moments giving you natural photographs.

With the smell of food wafting across the field it was time too head back in before the chef hunted me down, the wedding planners beat him to it to be fair! And as the rain was starting to show its face, so there was no arguments from me. The room stood and greeted the new Mr and Mrs Govett, so the food and speeches commenced… and it goes without saying with a few tears and many many laughs!

The day as with all weddings was streaming ahead at full speed, as was the rain now, but this didn’t stop Eugenia and Phill going outside for a few photos with the cute little Morris Minor Police car, so with the umbrella opened we snapped away as fast as possible… yes i got soaked, but all in a days work… got to get those photos! Rain isn’t all bad at weddings even though we all dread it, we want perfect weather for a perfect day, but the rain was fun, it was different and played a big part in the photographs. I loved the rain, for this day anyway and it didn’t put a dampener on the day at all.

As the evening started to notch up a gear and the lenses were wiped clear or water drops, the props came out for the police line up photo booth and the dancing shoes were ready to hit the floor, oh and didn’t the Groom and sister dance off do it!

It was a fantastic day and a day I will never forget, I constantly remember parts of the day, which still make me chuckle to myself. I can not wish them enough good fortune for their future together, so… i would like to wish them a huge congratulations, to Mr and Mrs Govett, wow what a wedding!

Eugenia and Phill Lovett

I knew almost instantly that Noel was going to be our wedding photographer; I just loved his relaxed style of photography, and the intimate moments he captures. He did not disappoint! Our photos are better than we could ever have imagined, he captured the day beautifully and they are truly mesmerising. On the day it was just like Noel was one of the guests…we kept forgetting we had a photographer, and he got on with all our family and friends famously. He went above and beyond when he took control of our wedding photo booth – for which we are eternally grateful! Our pre-wedding photos are also amazing. We cannot rate Noel highly enough. Thank you so much x