Matara Wedding Photography – Abbie and Adam

Abbie and Adam

This  year I seem to be having  run of military weddings, and I for one love these weddings. I have so much respect for our armed forces and really am proud to be part of a wedding that gives us a minuscule insight to the these brave people. Both Abbie and Adam are in the forces and when I met them for their pre shoot, I was fascinated by their back grounds and really couldn’t wait for the wedding day. Any photographer will cherish the Guard of Honour moment, the uniforms, the camaraderie between the other servicemen and the love between an amazing couple like Adam and Abbie.

The day started at the incredible venue of the Matara Wedding Centre in Kingscote, Tetbury and on arrival it was apparent who the boss was! Adam had the best men, ushers busy working away with swords being polished, road signs made and placed ready for the guest arrivals. Oh and not forgetting making sure the venue looked as amazing as it can be. As the best men tightened their speeches, embarrassing photos prepared for the showdown, I left them to get ready so I could catch up with Abbie. This was yet another beautiful day for a wedding, glorious blue skies and in the heart of the countryside contrasting perfectly with the lush greens. This was a perfect backdrop for the bouquet, the flowers, the shoes and the adorable bridesmaids with their flowers buckets. When Abbie’s hair and make-up was done we moved over to the main house where the dress was, the bedroom was so, so perfect to show off this amazing dress and Abbie’s hair piece looked fantastic (showing off my feminine side again!). Abbie’s mum at the ready, the shoes, the dress looked back at Abbie in the mirror and she looked a million dollars, make that sterling! So with proud dad downstairs waiting Abbie got ready to be chauffeured to the church…

As Abbie waited for the transport to turn up, I raced over to the church to get ready for guest arrivals, the nervous groom photos and for the adrenaline to kick in for the moment the cars arrive. However on the way I took a wrong turning. I went down a narrow track (which does lead to the church) but it has a pheasant farm near and the road was scattered with hundreds, yes hundreds of stubborn birds with a death wish, so getting past took a little more time than I had wished for, on top of this halfway down the hill a car was stuck in a ditch with another car blocking the passageway trying to help them out! After stressing that i could’t help for obvious reasons they cleared the way for me to race on… so the adrenalin was kicking in too early, aaaaaarrrrrrrgh! As I arrive at the stunning Owlpen Church, Nr Uley, I ditch the car and sprint in to get in position. I gather my composure and get the news that Abbie’s transportation hasn’t arrived, I can’t say I wasn’t a little relieved at this point!


With a kind neighbour offering to get Abbie and her father to the Chapel the wedding car (VW camper van) typically arrives as the bride is greeted by the Guards. Quizzed with a sense of humour and released with the raise of the swords Abbie entered the Church and the grooms nerves dissipated and an adoring look was clear to see. The ceremony raised the usual giggles, sing song and ‘I do’ immortalised with the kiss. And with a big cheers Mr and Mrs Colvin head out for the fantastic Guard of Honour, the congratulations and the confetti run. Formal photographs captured it was time to head back to the Matara venue for a much needed cool drink. Rehydrated it was time to grab the candid shots, a few individual bride and groom photos before it was time for them to take a seat at the top table.


With the day racing along the speeches raised laughs, tears and a few embarrassing moments as all weddings do, all executed perfectly by all. The cake looked fantastic and was gracefully sliced with the gleaming sword so it just left time for everyone to let their hair down for the band, the outdoor skittle alley and the all important bouquet launch and first dance. As the day drew to a close for me, we caught a last photograph or two as the sun set in the distance. The final few clicks done and I left Abbie and Adam to enjoy the rest of there evening camera free… well from me anyway. It was an incredible day, yet another one I will find very hard to forget and one I was very proud to be part of. I wish Mr and Mrs Colvin all the happiness in the world. Congratulations.