Hyde Barn Wedding Photography

Jonathan and Lucy

Hyde Barn is becoming a very popular spot for me this year, set next to Fosse Manor Nr Stow-on-the-Wold it’s not surprising why it’s a busy venue. Jonathan and Lucy set the location last year and the day was set to be incredible but with all UK weddings something we can’t predict is the weather. Today was looking a little grey and wet, however it stood no chance of dampening the day. An early start with Lucy and her Bridesmaids in the Bridal suite upstairs in the barn was perfect, a big room with plenty of light, ideal for documenting the dress, shoes and the preparations before the dress takes its place on the bride as the father of the bride gets a lump of pride in his throat.

Hyde Barn is a great location as it allows me to float (no pun intended with the weather!) between bride and groom as they both got ready in the Barn and the Manor. Jonny was making sure the room and the best men were top of their game whilst shaking off the pre  game nerves with a big glass of bucks fizz shaking off the rain as it battered the grounds. As the clock ticked closer to ring exchange and sealed kisses it was time to get the ready for the guest arrivals and the excited bride to grace the room with adoring smiles. With bottoms firmly parked and faces focused on the registrar, she was caught a little off guard as dry mouthed Lucy and Jonny down and glass of iced water, both frantically try to crunch and swallow the ice so as to say their vows, it was very funny and brought a smile to everyones faces. With the loving ‘I do’  kisses and cheers it was time to head out into the… SUNSHINE!

The Clouds parted for the new Mr and Mrs Whitby, well for an hour or so anyway, but again that wasn’t a problem as everyone was sat down for the gorgeous looking food, ready for the speeches, and the announcement of the honeymoon, the hat gives it away in case you want to know! As the liquids flowed inside the water down poured outside, but with the wedding breakfast complete it was time to head out for the last lot of photographs before the first dance.

The evening was just fantastic, with glorious light, sunshine or sun set as the case maybe and the beautiful fields surrounding the barn and manor setting a perfect canvas for romantic pictures. Not much more needs to be written about this wedding that the photographs don’t say already, it was a fabulous day that was timed to perfection with the weather gods and a huge bucket full of love, laughter and emotion. The day had everything you could possibly wish for at a super wedding, one I loved and throughly enjoyed! A massive congratulations to the very beautiful couple, Jonny and Lucy Whitby.