Project 365 – Day 107



Day 107 – The lights are on…

In the south of Sri Lanka there are traditional fishermen that sit on posts out in the sea to fish, iconic images of these men (and women?) can be easily found in any guide/brochures to Sri Lanka etc. When I was last here a year and a half ago with my wife for our honeymoon, we really wanted to see this but couldn’t, so I wasn’t going to let this pass as so close this time. Sadly you don’t really see the original fishermen fishing now, but people pretending to, as tourists drive past / pull over (like ourselves). So I snapped a couple of shots paid my tip to him ( about 100 Rupees = 50p ish) and as he took the money off me I asked to take his photo, he wasn’t  exactly happy about this but obliged anyway, so I got this shot. I later found out that these guys are just drunks and do their easy bit, grab the money and then head off to the bottle shop for some booze, might explain the vacant glazed look, Well I guess if you pretend to fish there’s nothing at the other end of the line, or is he just hooked?