Day 223 – The loves of my life. I had a challenge set by the magazine to take a ‘selfie’ but I wanted to take it in a different way, so here is my  Self Portrait, it includes my loves and what surrounds me and gives you a little insight to my life!   

  Day 223 – Jumping for joy! So on to my fourth wedding in 6 days, this happy day was set a stone throw away from Tetbury at Kingscote Barn. This was a lovely wedding where detail and design was well considered, so whilst the bride was getting ready I grabbed the chaps for a […]

  Day 215 – Historical Beams It’s not a secret that I have a serious love for the Battersea Power Station or Chelsea Bridge for that matter. So as I was in London seeing a great family friend, I took and opportunity to snap the Illuminated Icons whilst doing a little feature for Photography Monthly […]

  Day 208 – Green Sleeves Try not to hum the song now that you have seen the title! It seemed very apt as I would imagine a big country house or stately home on huge beautiful grounds to go along with this song. This must be the inspiration for the title as I was […]

  Day 161 – Rock’n’Roll through the lenses. Today was a fun day, I went on a photo shoot, not as a photographer but as a model (stop laughing!) ok more of a subject matter! I went with Photography Monthly magazine to re-enact an Oasis iconic photograph. So we headed up to Manchester to be […]

  Day 156 – Iconic wheels Today I had the privilege to photograph two original 1960’s Fiat 500’s for Photography Monthly magazine (look out for the feature in the July issue). One has suicide doors and a red canvas roof and the other a little more sporty with the chrome wire wheels. Ever since the […]

  Day 120 – Apple Juice I lead such a busy life, i’m not complaining, it has always been that way, with the magazine, my freelance work and photography, plus day to day life, not to mention my now expectant wife needing all the help I can give. So at the moment the only time […]

  Day 114 – Flying without wings! Today I was sent out to shoot a pair of Apache Helicopters, I was fortunate enough to go out with the M.O.D photographer and a radio operator who got these two bad boys to circle round 3 times for us. Unfortunately they couldn’t come too close for several […]

  Day 108 – Looking back at a great trip. Today was my last day shooting in Sri Lanka, I took loads of photos, saw lots of amazing things, met some lovely people and learnt some new things, I had an experience that I will remember for a long time, but looking back, one thing […]

  Day 107 – The lights are on… In the south of Sri Lanka there are traditional fishermen that sit on posts out in the sea to fish, iconic images of these men (and women?) can be easily found in any guide/brochures to Sri Lanka etc. When I was last here a year and a half […]

  Day 106 – Nasties on the web. Today, there were many shots I could of picked for my project, but I wanted to show something you don’t see everyday or something I am likely to photograph again in the time span of this project. So here is my day 106 on the net… well […]

  Day 105 – Seeing double. 15 Minutes after leaving Sigiriya we came across this view, I asked the driver to pull over so that I could get a picture of this field full of water as the location was gorgeous. I had wanted to get a photo of this kind of field, not only […]

  Day 104 – Big baby! Today I had a hot walk round Sigiriya, taking pictures of surrounding landscapes and wildlife, the cattle here were cooling off in the field full off water, at this point I could of quite happily of jumped in myself to cool off, but I think everything would of bolted […]

  Day 103 – Storm in a tea cup. I have been trying to photograph fork lightening for about 20 years, and  for whatever reason, things just haven’t worked out, a roll of film wasn’t loaded correctly (yes FILM!), didn’t have camera, or tripod or by the time I got somewhere I could take a […]

  Day 102 – Big birds to little birds So after 11 hours on a big bird an Airbus A380, we made way to our hotel to check in our gear, a freshen up and to get in the sunshine. So with camera in hand it was a stroll round in the very humid heat […]

  Day 101 – Heavens above. The day has finally arrived, it’s my once in a lifetime trip to Sri Lanka, to photograph wildlife (and Sri Lanka itself) for Wild Travel and Photography Monthly magazine. I have to Capture the Blue Whale, the Biggest mammal in the world, to help promote Sri Lanka’s responsibility towards […]

  Day 99 – Get your kit out! With time drawing close to the off for my press trip to Sri Lanka, I thought I would show you what I will be lugging around on my bag. As it happens, after taking this photo my kit list changed dramatically, I decided to leave the little […]

  Day 98 – Book of stamps Today was the first day I nearly failed, I had been sick and left work early which was just typical, I am never sick and days before going overseas for work I get Dehli belly before going anywhere near India. So as I woke with minutes remaining for today to […]

  Photography Monthly Here is a little video I did to appear in Photography Monthly Magazine, for the full feature go out and buy the May issue, it has a wealth of great pictures, stories and competitions and is designed by yours truly!    

  Day 87 – A copy right? This is me taking a photo, of a two guys taking a photo of a photo taken by the guy in the white shirt! Confused? The guy here won the student category at the Professional Photographer Of The Year (PPOTY) 2013 and it was my duty working for […]