Project 365 – Day 151



Day 151 – Gr8 Gordini

This gorgeous little Renault 8 Gordini has a special place in my heart, I seem to be recalling lots of childhood memories at the moment, maybe a part of my brain has decided to work again! I have such fond memories of this car and the people attached to it at the time, I think I was around 6-7 years old and had always been fascinated with cars, my Uncle Steve had one of these cars and spent many precious hours on it. I loved going to visit my Auntie Judy, Uncle Steve and my then little cousin Harley, they had been living in Australia and had come back for a few years before going back. I remember this car being one of the coolest cars I had seen, with the four big round lights at the front and that Electric blue that stood out. Its strange how things can rekindle locked away memories, like music, smells and for me this little blue racing car, i’m so glad I saw this car today at the Prescott Hill Climb event ‘La Vie en Bleu’ as it has brought back a happy time for me with great family. La Vie en Bleu’ – Life in blue.  Which in my interpretation is, Blue is cool, which pretty much sums up this car and the Moon family.