Project 365 – Day 213



Day 213 – If I could turn back slime.

Snails! These things are the bane of my life. When I was around twenty I decided to get a tattoo, of what you ask? A SNAIL, yes that’s right a snail, what was i thinking? Well… There is a little more to it than just stupidity believe it or not! My father is called Brian, he wanted a Tattoo and had a snail to link with his name due Magic Roundabout ‘Brian the snail’ so in my creative drawing days I created a snail for him. Later my sister had one done and then I had added to the family, was like a modern twist on getting ‘Mum and Dad’ tattooed on your arm, except looking back now getting the names is far cooler than a cartoon drawing of a snail, especially as they only remind you of slimy slow things! The sentiment behind I love, the actual thing I hate, so now I have to cover it up when I get the time! What with? Maybe a cartoon cabbage or lettuce? Might as well, as all they seem to do know is eat everything I grow in the garden! So I have come to the conclusion I will now get a big wedge of money on my arm covering the pesky slimy shell in hope that money will start growing on my trees and stop invading my garden! Failing that i’m going for a Flame Thrower tattoo!