Day 242 – Wasp up? I’m not a fan of wasps especially as I am allergic to them, so getting close to them is a little nerving, the good news was this unfortunate Black and yellow stinger had an argument with my lounge window, it was a long argument and the window won. So […]

  Day 213 – If I could turn back slime. Snails! These things are the bane of my life. When I was around twenty I decided to get a tattoo, of what you ask? A SNAIL, yes that’s right a snail, what was i thinking? Well… There is a little more to it than just […]

  Day 158 – Macro in the middle. Today was a nice sunny day and I fancied trying out a mini lens I had for the iPhone rather than breaking out the big boy. The attachment is a two in one, a wide angle and a macro lens, the just screw apart. It doesn’t take […]

  Day 99 – Get your kit out! With time drawing close to the off for my press trip to Sri Lanka, I thought I would show you what I will be lugging around on my bag. As it happens, after taking this photo my kit list changed dramatically, I decided to leave the little […]

Day 25 – My weapons of choice. Preserve life, not destroy it, I can’t but help wanting to mention the laws in America after the massacre/gun shooting at the school, and then a few weeks later, 2 separate incidents at colleges. This morning I saw a post on the internet saying that it will be illegal […]

Day 23- Slush puppies! You are probably thinking you saw this image yesterday, and you’d be right, but that was taken at night with a Nikon D800 and I wanted to try it again to see what kind of comparison I would get in the daytime with a CSC camera, a camera at a fraction […]

Day 22 – So the snow is back and as I am a snow lover I couldn’t be happier! It reminds me so much of when I was a kid, just as exciting as waiting for the ice-cream van after school, sadly this ice-cream van will be running late as its skidded off the road […]

Day 2 – Today seems a little less exciting than yesterday, 365 pressure, two down and 363 to go ! For those that don’t know me, apart from being a freelance photographer I am also the Art Editor of a photographic magazine ‘Photography Monthly’. So today’s image is me in the office messing around with a […]