Day 203 – The cats whiskers! This cat is a cute cat but don’t be fooled but its sweet looks! This picture does look like the cat has some attitude, almost to the point of asking me what am I doing in my own garden, but this cat is brave and has some serious […]

  Day 147 – A cat in pane. I love catching animals looking out of windows, it reminds me as a kid being told to go to bed early, especially  in summers months when the nights were light. I wouldn’t want to go straight to bed (naturally like most children), so I would stare out […]

  Day 70 – My ears are back, do I look happy? After finding out he was for sale this cat had just about reached it’s limited before giving me the evil looks, ‘GET, THAT, CAMERA, OUT, OF, MY, FACE’ there’s a fe-line between happy and angry with cats!   

  Day 66- Cat’s eyes light the way. Actually in this room the cat’s nose lights the way, my daughter stuck these on the switch to finish off the babies room. If you’re not a cat lover you can always make the switch… a dog!  

  Day 62 – The Cat’s Whiskers. So after a day at a photographic trade show ‘Focus on Imaging’ with the magazine I work for, you would of thought it would be a paradise for taking pictures judging by the people there parading around with their cameras round their necks. The men walk round like […]