Woolacombe Bay Hotel Wedding

Dan and Holly

Another wedding set in the south west away from my usual Cotswold locations, I love the Cotswold venues but it’s a close match to weddings on the coast. So with an early start and a 3 hour drive to Woolacombe Bay Hotel near Ilfracombe it was time to meet the bride and her entourage. Capturing the first part of the day is precious with the all important bride getting ready with bridesmaids and close ones, dress, shoes, and the powerful photographs of proud dad seeing his daughter look stunning in her dress. The ceremony was held in Braunton at St Brannock’s Church so with a quick dash across the hill it was a perfect time to capture the groom and party before the nervous anticipated wait on the aisle. Another  lovely ceremony to a full house which only means a big party to organise afterwards for group shots, i was just hoping for the weather to hold as the predictions weren’t great. The gods were looking down on this beautiful couple as the sun shone as they came out of the church. As the groups shot were immortalised it was time to head back to the Hotel for the food, speeches, dancing, but before joining the rest of the guests a couple requested stops to make use of the incredible vistas. First stop was on the top of the hill with views of the wind turbines in the distance and the long winding country lanes. The great find was a blocked off farmers lane sealed with and old tractor, both Dan and Holly were great sports and made one of my favourite shots of the year with Dan poised on the vehicle and holly flashing her garter. Next stop was a very blustery beach, it would be crazy not to attempt a few beach photographs but after a little windswept look and a minor sandblasting it was time to take place at the top table. As the afternoon progressed there was just enough time to bag the final group shot and a fun shot of boys staging a Mortal Combat scene (pictured below, with a little post processing help) as we finished the camera click the heavens opened and it was a mad dash back ready for the bouquet launch and dad dancing dance off. This was a fantastic day full of emotion, great sports, lovely people and fresh sea air!