Simon and Rebekah Polhawn Fort Wedding Photography Polhawn Fort is the furthest I have travelled to this year, but I wasn’t phased by this, as I love being by the coast, so after a few hours drive to Rame, Torpoint in Cornwall this was an easy drive for me. As soon as I arrived this place […]

Dan and Holly Another wedding set in the south west away from my usual Cotswold locations, I love the Cotswold venues but it’s a close match to weddings on the coast. So with an early start and a 3 hour drive to Woolacombe Bay Hotel near Ilfracombe it was time to meet the bride and […]

Natalie and Jim Wedding photography is hard work with long challenging days, but the rewards are so great, and this wedding was no exception. It was a 9.30am start to capture all the natural shots of the bride, her bridesmaids, daughter and mum getting ready, it’s all about documenting as much of the day as […]

  Day 199 – Neighbourly love. Today the neighbours came over to see the latest addition to the street, the first baby in 22 years, so you can imagine they couldn’t wait to give our Hugo a loving hug, it’s ok we have nicknamed him huggy and hugsy already so it’s very apt! They were […]

  Day 192 – Hot air balloon. Wow, what a day, it’s hot, no, it’s damn hot! I spent few hours in Bristol with the family to visit the Foodie Festival, but as the saying goes ‘If you can’t stand the heat then get out of the kitchen’ well that couldn’t be any truer today. […]

  Day 184 – Get that down your Gregory! So the car has sold and I have a day off from the office, the weekend has started early so what better way to bid farewell to the Mazda Skateboard on a scorching day? Hmmm maybe we should of held on to her for a few […]

  Day 179 – Time to reflect. Today was a great day with friends at a charity event for the Cotswold Downs Syndrome Group, close friends have a child with Down Syndrome and have a close involvement with the Charity, I am always happy to help in any way I can, so went along to […]

Day  169 – Milky milky! Some things in life are just essential to get through the night, and here are two of those things, one for baby and the other for mum! Dairy milk for momma and and powdered milk for bubba! Nothing like contented smiles in this house, chocolatey or milky ones!  

  Day 164 – Love drink. I love taking pictures of people sat on benches, one of my all time favourites is of an old couple sat on a bench in the park just down from this one. The couple are eating their lunch, chatting and sharing a moment, and from the picture you can […]

John and Heidi It’s always a little daunting being asked by another photographer to shoot their wedding, I was delighted  to be asked and thankful John and Heidi from Two Front Teeth Family Portraits don’t shoot weddings, so a little bit of pressure was eased! This was always going to be a special wedding, as […]

  Photography Monthly Here is a little video I did to appear in Photography Monthly Magazine, for the full feature go out and buy the May issue, it has a wealth of great pictures, stories and competitions and is designed by yours truly!    

  Day 85 – Panning. Today was a day I got my photographic teeth into a project, I had to (with a colleague from Photography Monthly magazine) was to film and photograph a picture made of food. So here is a pan fried egg, our little ray of sunshine, just as well really as all it […]

  Day 79 – All good comes to those that wait. Admittedly this isn’t the most beautiful or even an interesting picture, but with limited time to get my shot today this was about as good as it gets. I left an antenatal class with my wife (obviously, may be a little weird otherwise!) and […]

  Day 69 – Consequences of getting mashed! So Two days ago Mr Potato Head went out on the lash, “get your jacket , you’ve pulled!”  The day after they woke up feeling a little worse for wear, not really knowing what went on (come on, you’ve been there once!!) and today, Ta da, baby […]

  Day 61 – Sweet memories. No one ever needs reminding how great ice-cream tastes, unless of course you are dairy intolerant but as a child this simple thing, a blob of ice-cream on a wafer cone makes such happiness and no matter how old you are those tastebud feelings are hard to beat, especially […]

  Day 43- Bitten off more than you can chew? Now this isn’t the most exciting picture but it was tasty and this dish is just like the 365 project, you start making your way thru them and wonder if you can make it to the end but nonetheless you love getting your teeth in […]

  Day 39 – Polish off your beer. On my walk to work, I stumbled across this lonely beer can on a wall waiting to see its fate as the dustbin men loom. I wouldn’t of really noticed this if it wasn’t for the Polish name on it and being in Poland only a few […]

Day 24 – As I walked to work this morning in the disappearing snow I took two photos, one of a very cool snow man looking very happy, as its future looked very bleak and the other, of the beautiful sunrise through trees. So it looks like I got to photograph something I am soon […]