Day 146 – Necessities. As the day draws to a close, there is an important piece of equipment in our house… the kettle! This life saver is there to make a warm bottle of food to feed our very hungry boy not content with just breast milk. And almost importantly it’s to make a […]

  Day 145 – Cry baby. So I managed to last 4 days without posting a baby picture, but Hugo is back, things were going all to well and then the bubble burst, so it’s all tears, but don’t worry my website doesn’t process sound with my photographs!  

  Day 140 – In the driving seat. Yes, I am afraid it’s another baby picture of Hugo, apologies for the constant stream of baby related posts, but with time absorbed by this little fella for the last week or two its been difficult to photograph anything else,  so it looks like he really is […]

  Day 139 – Sleepy sleepy. Another day in the house adjusting to this little fella joining us, I wonder what he is dreaming about? Crying? 🙂  

  Day 138 – Yeeeeeees! So today it’s another baby Hugo photo, I haven’t really ventured away from the house yet again, but someone is looking pretty happy with himself… even if he is asleep!  

  Day 137 – Happy and cosy. As any parent will know nothing beats this view, looking down at your child as it snuggles in, falls asleep and is happily warm and content on your chest, I could stare at him  for ages and this is a view I will never tire of, whilst he […]

  Day 136 – Sisterly love. I love this photo so much, I only wish I had taken it with my Nikon as opposed to my iPhone for quality purposes, but as I didn’t have it, the good ole iPhone captured yet another impulsive shot , this is one of the first times my daughter […]

  Day 134 – Time for the Restroom. Our poor little fella was happy in the warm home of my wife, nature was telling him to vacate, so the landlord had a lengthy eviction, so when he finally arrived it was time for some rest on all parts. Now he takes up every room in […]

  Day 133 – Huge Hugo. Today was an amazing day, our baby was delivered with many emotions from elation to fear, as the Labour went on for almost 4 days resulting in forceps in the operating theatre. My wife was only one push away from a C-Section something she and myself really didn’t want. […]

  Day 132 – Light at the end of the tunnel? Another day in and baby still hasn’t arrived, emotions are high on the todays list, along with pain, stress and curiosity, is it a boy or is it a girl? Time will tell!  

  Day 131 – Tick tock empty cot. Today was the first full day at the hospital waiting for my and my wife’s baby to arrive, but with some complications it wasn’t going to be a quick labour, so aside from supporting my wife it was clock watching, and you know what they say about […]

  Day 130 – The lightroom before the storm. Today is the day my little baby is due, so its preparation day… wipe those memory cards, well move them to the hard drive, so that i can get some more pictures of my little ones, on screen is my daughter with her cousin and the […]

  Day 116 – Somethings in life keep you grounded. Today I get to spend a valuable day with my little girl, she is such a great child and she makes me so proud, our afternoon didn’t go to plan as the kite she has so much wanted was broken so it flew for only […]

  Day 110 – Blooming gorgeous. Today was a special day, I was made a a godparent to a very good friend of mine’s son, little Edward. A family day with great friends and of course my ever growing family, what could be possibly better on a sunday?    

  Day 109 – Counting the days. Now that I am home I can rest a little easier knowing I will be there for the birth of our imminent baby, maybe I shouldn’t use the word rest, or maybe i should make the most of it! This is the baby kit packed ready for the […]

  Day 97 – Children are the sweetest. The last few days have been all about life, my mums birthday and tragic loss of life, my daughters lease of life and today our baby shower to welcome a new birth. Not one to keep banging on about it! I am due to be a papa […]

  Day 89 – Looking forward to something special. As many people know I am about to be a dad again, me and my wife have been attending NCT (Antenatal Classes) and today was our last, we have met some lovely people, hopefully all of which will be lifetime friends. This picture is of one […]

  Day 82 – Painting smiles. Today I spent a few hours with a friend whose business is face painting ( ) We were at a children play centre and this cute little girl in her party dress wanted a butterfly on her face to match the ones in her hair, its such a […]

  Day 74 –  Smiles for sad stories. Today is Red Nose Day, a comedy charity day for less fortunate. My daughter was allowed to dress up for school to raise money, she was happy wearing this and the clown face I painted on her first thing in the morning (don’t worry i’m not giving […]