Day 191 – Young love. Before Hugo was born we joined a NCT group to meet  other parents to be and to grab some advice on what to expect. In the time we attended the course we met some amazing people and hopefully now some lifelong friends, today was the birthday of one of […]

  Day 209 – Little Princess Today the gorgeous little Issy came over for her photo to be taken, it was nice to take a picture of this cute baby girl so that little Hugo could retire for the night, she was a well behaved little princess.  

  Day 204 – Come rain or shine. Today my step father was over from Dubai and is quite possibly the king of BBQ’s, so it was only fair I rose to the challenge, I think it is clear to see I lost!  Six sausages, rain and a gazebo doesn’t match the Dubai Sun, endless […]

  Day 198 – Tub of love Today I got to use my newly acquired prop for the gorgeous Lily, this bargain old metal tub makes great pictures, hopefully people will think the same as me so I can clean up!  

  Day 197 – Small hands… There is a saying that more hands make light work, well these light hands make more work! But I wouldn’t want it any other way! 

  Day 185 – Sleeping in the bath We have all been there at some point in our lives where we have got in to a nice bath closed our eyes and nodded off, and when you wake up you feel a bit disorientated, put yourself in Hugo’s booties, poor chap went to sleep in […]

  Day 182 – Er Hello? I’m in a BASKET! Hugo is in the viewfinder yet again, and as most of my friends say, he’s gonna be the most photographed child ever, not sure about that but i’ll rise to the challenge. So with new lights at hand it’s another time to pose in my […]

Day  169 – Milky milky! Some things in life are just essential to get through the night, and here are two of those things, one for baby and the other for mum! Dairy milk for momma and and powdered milk for bubba! Nothing like contented smiles in this house, chocolatey or milky ones!  

Day 167 – My life Yesterday I took a photograph which was a version of my self portrait, today I have done another virtual representation of me, something similar to yesterday but this time what is important in my life as well as surrounds it, all of which makes me a happy man!  

  Day 155 – Hugo Love The sun was shining and I wanted to have a second attempt at photographing Hugo in the lovely basket I bought for him to pose in. As it was bright outside I wanted to make the most of the natural light, I’m not quite there yet but this was […]

  Day 154 – Tears… I guess my little boy just isn’t ready for model stardom just yet. This little chap is wiser than I thought, all I get when the camera come out is tears, maybe it’s for quiet time, I hope this wears off soon otherwise I will be the one in tears! […]

  Day 152 – Blue eyed Ben. Ok so we are back to baby photos, but this isn’t my child this is a friends and as I do take family photograph (not studio) it would be rude not to stick this lovely picture up of the very cute Ben. He was well behaved and didn’t […]

  Day 145 – Cry baby. So I managed to last 4 days without posting a baby picture, but Hugo is back, things were going all to well and then the bubble burst, so it’s all tears, but don’t worry my website doesn’t process sound with my photographs!  

  Day 140 – In the driving seat. Yes, I am afraid it’s another baby picture of Hugo, apologies for the constant stream of baby related posts, but with time absorbed by this little fella for the last week or two its been difficult to photograph anything else,  so it looks like he really is […]

  Day 137 – Happy and cosy. As any parent will know nothing beats this view, looking down at your child as it snuggles in, falls asleep and is happily warm and content on your chest, I could stare at him  for ages and this is a view I will never tire of, whilst he […]

  Day 134 – Time for the Restroom. Our poor little fella was happy in the warm home of my wife, nature was telling him to vacate, so the landlord had a lengthy eviction, so when he finally arrived it was time for some rest on all parts. Now he takes up every room in […]

  Day 133 – Huge Hugo. Today was an amazing day, our baby was delivered with many emotions from elation to fear, as the Labour went on for almost 4 days resulting in forceps in the operating theatre. My wife was only one push away from a C-Section something she and myself really didn’t want. […]

  Day 132 – Light at the end of the tunnel? Another day in and baby still hasn’t arrived, emotions are high on the todays list, along with pain, stress and curiosity, is it a boy or is it a girl? Time will tell!