The Kings Hotel – Chipping Campden Wedding

Liz and Quentin

A surprise wedding… Now I have had some requests in my time as a photographer but not like this. “How is my acting” asked this lovely couple when I met them. This was a hush hush situation due to them wanting to surprise their children, so I agreed to go along with the plan and the acting. The idea was for the children to believe they were all going out for a nice family meal, my job was to be at the venue before they arrive and to pretend to photograph the hotel. As they entered the room I pretended to position coffee cups and magazines as if I was shooting photographs for a Hotel Brochure, at the same time secretly trying to photograph the family without being caught. Quentin was to get on one knee in front of the family, propose and the family would then all celebrate. Little did they know that they had arranged the wedding to be held in another room where the registrar waited. So off Quentin and Liz tootled leaving the children wondering where they had gone, the waitress returned telling them their table was ready. As they left the room thinking they were joining Liz and Quentin at their dining table they were very much surprised to be guided into a room set for the wedding.

Was I rumbled? no… Although the penny did drop as I entered the room ready for the very lovely intimate and personal wedding. The eldest son did say ” I did wonder why you were taking so many pictures of that coffee cup and of one room!” Thankfully cups of coffee weren’t needed to stay awake learning lines, this role was a silent one! So with a few rehearsed wedding lines spoken of their own the beautiful couple shared a lovely day in the Cotswold sunshine with their children, a day full of great memories and a little surprise they’ll never forget.