Liz and Quentin A surprise wedding… Now I have had some requests in my time as a photographer but not like this. “How is my acting” asked this lovely couple when I met them. This was a hush hush situation due to them wanting to surprise their children, so I agreed to go along with […]

  Day 239 – Cheeky little kiss? As a child I have always loved porsche, I always said one day I will own one… still waiting, but the kind I want doesn’t support a growing family and I am not allowed a mid life crisis just yet, not to mention I don’t have the time […]

  Day 35 – Old Bird or hot chick? Car design has come a huge way since this old Rover from the 60s, sadly I think most modern cars have lost charisma, personality and style unlike the old car, new cars all look so similar in their quest to be the best, copying each other, […]