Polhawn Fort Wedding Photography

Simon and Rebekah

Polhawn Fort Wedding Photography

Polhawn Fort is the furthest I have travelled to this year, but I wasn’t phased by this, as I love being by the coast, so after a few hours drive to Rame, Torpoint in Cornwall this was an easy drive for me. As soon as I arrived this place intrigued me and I knew it was going to house some great photographs, inside and out. As I entered the fort, I was greeted by a very chilled and relaxed bride, so I broke out the cameras and got straight down to business. With Rebekah and the girls being pampered and painted I headed off to the Bridal Suite to photograph the dress, shoes, jewellery etc and the view from the window was incredible, as you brush past the four poster bed, pull open the shutter you get the view of british paradise, a view out to the sea, with yachts and boats anchored in the sea that was so still it was like a millpond, it felt incredibly romantic.

With time ticking away, I had to head across the hill to the Church and catch up with Simon and the guys, I love military weddings and the guys looked incredible in their uniforms. The guys were practicing the Guard of Honour with the swords and everyone arriving got to enjoy the pre display before being graced with Bride and Groom. In true military style the guys were having fun, banter and camaraderie, but still taking everything seriously, and before we knew it everyone was being ushered in for Rebekah to arrive in style. Her father and dusted off the old classic beaut, a Triumph TR6 in navy blue with orange ribbons, the blue was a perfect complement to go with the uniforms.

The ceremony went smoothly and with the wedding certificate sealed and witnessed it was time to head back out into the hot summers day for the gorgeous Guard of Honour and the smile inducing confetti moment. With dried flowers lacing the vail, dress and car it was time to make our way back to the fort. As the guests made their way back we took a slight detour for a few romantic shots in the beautiful surroundings, it would be scandalous not to make the most of the incredible vistas.

As the summer sun pounded down us, it was time to take a break and head to the fort for a refreshing drink before the surprise. As the Rebekah and Simon got the warm (excuse the pun) welcome from family and friends the Pimms were dished out (I had water, no honestly I did!). As I was inside grabbing a much needed rehydration, a buzzing noise could be heard outside, the event organiser turned to me and said ‘you better get outside, we never get planes flying round here, that must be organised’ before he could even finish the sentence my Usain Bolt impersonation was being put to good use and I was outside frantically swapping lenses on my camera. The Parents had organised a surprise aerobatic flyby, this is my first and probably last, of the amazing gift. The plane graced the skies giving the whole party a show never to forget, and what a better way to congratulation Mr and Mrs Hornby but with a huge heart in the sky. This is going to be a hard thing to beat! So before the sit down, cool down and food down, we headed in for the cutting of the cake ready for everyone to take delivery of speeches with the inevitable tears and laughter.

Time was fading as was the light and we still needed to get the formal shots, so thanks to a technical hitch with bestman’s computer we headed outside to complete the set before it was too late. We managed a little of the sunset, but unfortunately it just didn’t quite turn the sky the colours we had hoped for. Photo list ticked off, it was back inside for the final episode of the speeches and to clear the area for the first dance and the folk/line dancing. This wedding was incredible but didn’t end there, the following day the new Mr and Mrs Hornbys held a BBQ for family and friends, I was lucky enough to be invited too and as I had stayed with family (who also were friends and attended the wedding… making me a designated driver!) locally it was rude to not go back. The camera did make a small appearance, it had to grab a few extra shots of the glorious weather, the view and of course the beautiful Bride and Groom, I even took a swim in the sea before heading back inland to my Cotswold base, you can’t go all the way to coast and not take a dip especially if sunny and hot. I throughly enjoyed this weekend and wish Rebekah and Simon a huge congratulations and all the best for their future together.