Project 365 – Day 10


Day 10 – Ten days in and I am wondering how I am going to be able to maintain a level of interest with my photos, and after chatting to a friend today who asked me that question in a roundabout way I realised that its going to be tough. However, what I did also realise is that it has taken the boredom out of the walk to work every morning. My eyes are on full alert, scanning up and down, left to right for something to catch, I am now taking different routes in to the office making my mornings a whole new viewing experience , and as the seasons change so does the canvas, it’s amazing the things you see that you wouldn’t normally notice, how many years have I spent missing things in my own backyard?  Too many!  So this was todays photo, didn’t get a chance to take a picture in my ‘Backyard’ but in my front room instead, ready to go in a feature for Photography Monthly  magazine about sound shapes. To cut a long story short, poster paints, cling film, a speaker, dub step, my D800, two flash guns and a large plastic mat to catch the dancing paint. So this post I am naming ‘Swan lake repainted in dub step’… I wonder why?!