Project 365 – Day 9


Day 9 – As a photographer and a designer I love lines, shape and texture and this stylish building has it, unfortunately the texture for this lost structure is more down to its disrepair. ‘ENVY”? Yes many years ago it was, a hotspot full of life and fame, years of showing huge hollywood films, such as Star Wars, before it went all modern and the order of the episodes were more confusing than a tax return. I was lucky enough to see these films there and sadly now this Art Deco style building has joined the realms of the dark side. Its huge shame as historical moments happened in this venue like the Beatles performing live in 1963, 30 years after this place was born. 2006 it closed and with 7 years of  neglect I think the spray can statement is far from the truth, the only life this poor place see’s now are the pigeons huddled on the roof, and no this isn’t a Band name it’s a gang of feathery pests!