Day 163 – Board Monkeys. I am a big lover of graffiti, so when I saw these Banksy’esque paintings I had to take a picture, so with my trusty iPhone I share these cheeky chimps!  

  Day 54 – Cereal Killers. This was once a Maltsters, they used to soak Cereal/Barley in water in these buildings as well as store Malt and bag it here. This old warehouse on the site of Gloucester docks was built in 1876 and was in use for this for over a hundred years until […]

  Day 53 – My days are numbered. Well, my project 365 are… another walk into work this morning and these stacked door numbers caught my eye, smack bang in the middle was todays value! Just a little disappointed a 1960’s white VW Beetle driving itself didn’t pass me!

  Day 41 – Old power lines. A flying visit to the big smoke to return some lenses was meant to be a time to grab some pictures of the much loved Battersea Power Station. I have loved this building from when I first saw it on the Pink Floyd album cover and also when […]

Day 15 – Nothing can give you the true perspective of what happened at these camps, and visiting can only give you a little better idea. Whilst walking around in the comforts of my boots, thermals, coat, hat and gloves, you cannot but think how you could even survive a few minutes here in next […]

Day 14 – We (my wife and I) arrive in Krakow, Poland to the bitter cold and snow, as we trek in search of our hotel located in the Jewish quarter, we check in, dump our bags and head into Krakow centre to see what’s install. Armed with warm clothes and my camera bag I […]

Day 9 – As a photographer and a designer I love lines, shape and texture and this stylish building has it, unfortunately the texture for this lost structure is more down to its disrepair. ‘ENVY”? Yes many years ago it was, a hotspot full of life and fame, years of showing huge hollywood films, such […]