Day 163 – Board Monkeys. I am a big lover of graffiti, so when I saw these Banksy’esque paintings I had to take a picture, so with my trusty iPhone I share these cheeky chimps!  

  Day 113 – Tyred of holes? A few weeks ago I found some other potholes and a street artist or spray can warrior had circled the holes and added eyelashes, that was something for the council to look at. I am now wondering if this is the same person and if the council will […]

  Day 84 – Don’t label graffiti artists. Not sure if its a council member going above and beyond his duty to clean up this town sending a new message or its a environmental graffiti artist that has given up the paint. One thing I know is they must look less cool with their mates, […]

  Day 56 – Walls have ears and roads have… eyes? Now these aren’t your average cats eyes, oh no, these don’t illuminate the road to help you home safely, these are the eyes of a stoned and drunken road with a double yellow smile. Just look at those pot holes well and truly lashed! […]

  Day 54 – Cereal Killers. This was once a Maltsters, they used to soak Cereal/Barley in water in these buildings as well as store Malt and bag it here. This old warehouse on the site of Gloucester docks was built in 1876 and was in use for this for over a hundred years until […]

  Day 47 – Looking back at Rock’n’Roll. Today was a great day to get involved in a special cause, for a beautiful little girl who has Rett. This event ‘HollyFest’ was in aid to raise money to help find a cure and to share awareness, the event hosted epic entertainment. AJ a Hip Hop […]

  Day 46 – Eternal love. Life is a little like photography, capturing something special that something stands out when you least expect it, a gift that you can’t miss and you have to seize the moment. Without sounding all sentimental this is exactly how its panned out for me, I met my wife when […]

  Day 36 – Image rendering. This little bird caught my eye as the light was beaming down directly on it, I love graffiti, but graffiti thats a little more artistic than a scribbled name or tagging, this is just done by destructive people (scallywags) in my opinion, with no thought or creativity , I […]

Day 14 – We (my wife and I) arrive in Krakow, Poland to the bitter cold and snow, as we trek in search of our hotel located in the Jewish quarter, we check in, dump our bags and head into Krakow centre to see what’s install. Armed with warm clothes and my camera bag I […]

Day 9 – As a photographer and a designer I love lines, shape and texture and this stylish building has it, unfortunately the texture for this lost structure is more down to its disrepair. ‘ENVY”? Yes many years ago it was, a hotspot full of life and fame, years of showing huge hollywood films, such […]