Day 227 – Pride of place. After doing my ‘Selfie’ or my new take on a self portrait, the finished product has arrived, a beautifully made canvas from the supplier I use for all my canvases. Now I get to stare at my gorgeous family and the loves of my life all the time!  

  Day 223 – The loves of my life. I had a challenge set by the magazine to take a ‘selfie’ but I wanted to take it in a different way, so here is my  Self Portrait, it includes my loves and what surrounds me and gives you a little insight to my life!   

  Day 127 – My old love exposed. Today I dug out my second  (serious) camera I owned. I was given my first camera by my father at the age 12-13, it was a Zenit, a great russian camera that got me started, but it was this AE-1 that saw most of my experimental pictures […]