Day 226 – Hair of the dog. So after getting a panicked phone call from my wife that the dog had a 3-4 inch long thorn stuck in her eye whilst I was at a wedding shoot, we had too take advise from the vet to cut her hair right back. So she has […]

  Day 223 – The loves of my life. I had a challenge set by the magazine to take a ‘selfie’ but I wanted to take it in a different way, so here is my  Self Portrait, it includes my loves and what surrounds me and gives you a little insight to my life!   

Day 167 – My life Yesterday I took a photograph which was a version of my self portrait, today I have done another virtual representation of me, something similar to yesterday but this time what is important in my life as well as surrounds it, all of which makes me a happy man!  

  Day 157 – Parking for Barking. Today I visited the lovely village of Winchcombe, a typical Cotswolds village but with so many cool boutique shops, this very stylish store had a parking spot for dogs, a water bowl and even offered you dog treat when you bought something! Now that is service, so if […]

  Day 148 – Lady and the Tramp. Today I tried out the new Bowens light I have acquired, so the obvious option would of been to photograph a certain baby, but seeing as all I have photograph recently was Hugo, I thought I would change the subject matter. I noticed the dog getting jealous, […]

  Day 121 – What do you mean off the sofa? Bella my pooch, a Miniature Schnauzer isn’t the kind of dog that chases balls or sticks, she is a show off,  a ‘I want to look pretty’ dog. Even  though looking a little scruffy at the moment she can’t help posing, even when she […]

  Day 88 – Loyal companion. Yes, i’m afraid it’s yet another picture of my dog, I caught her staring up at me as I was about to head out, I think she was hoping for a walk, sadly not, but  one thing I know is she always looks up to me, in more than […]

  Day 83 – Snow way down. You’d be forgiven for thinking this is winter, we are officially in spring, the bulbs are sprouting, daffodils are flourishing seas of yellow everywhere and now the temperatures have plummeted to an all time low in the last 50 years. With a sugar dusting of snow, where better […]

  Day 76 – Sunsets, moon rises. Bella out on and evening stroll watches the sun setting as the moon shines bright, it’s a shame dogs are colour blind as the sky look beautiful, but hey she was more happy sniffing around the fields!  

  Day 71 – Hair of the dog. Not too sure where and how this saying came about, you have  a skin full on a night out, feel like Sh*t in the morning, so opt for more booze to soften the pain. Hair of the dog? Not too sure about anyone else but if i […]

  Day 55 – Things are looking up – Its a sunday and for me sundays were always family days, especially when a child and now, now that  I have one, more so than when i was a teenager for obvious reasons. As we all know teenagers hide away from their parents nursing hangovers or attitude, all […]

  Day 49 – Caged animal. I had taken a few pictures today and it was a toss up between this picture or a landscape of a Cheltenham sunset, it was a tough decision but i just loved the light and the lines of the bars in this image. When I got home Bella had […]

  Day 29 – Whose on the ball? Today I hit the so called “Wall” on my marathon photo project, and i’m only 29 days in,  I was really struggling today to nail a picture I would be happy to post, until I got home. So, like any dog owner will know, you can always […]

Day 19 – Snow is still here and my pooch just loves the snow, this Miniature Schnauzer (Snowauzer)  is not a catch ball, get stick dog, but a poser, a show dog or so she thinks, but when the snow comes… she is a mad dog, if she’s not running around in it… she’s eating […]