Day 69 – Consequences of getting mashed! So Two days ago Mr Potato Head went out on the lash, “get your jacket , you’ve pulled!”  The day after they woke up feeling a little worse for wear, not really knowing what went on (come on, you’ve been there once!!) and today, Ta da, baby […]

  Day 67 – Its Friiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiday. After a long week at work, we can’t wait for the weekend, the weekend is (normally) a time to relax, have fun and let your hair down. What better way to break the weekend in, with a drink with a friend or loved one getting mashed!   

  Day 60 – What the duck is going on? There has been foul play in the bathroom, the question is, was ducky pushed or has he been on the drink too long? Mr bumped looks shocked but also like he couldn’t give a duck!  

Day 52 – To infinity and beyond. What is it in my house at the moment? I go out the other night and Mr Bump is in the bath and now I come home to find Buzz taking a pee, my guess is that he had to take it now as Woody wasn’t around! Wife’s […]

Day 50 – Bubbles in the bath. Mr Bump has fallen in to the bath, he tried to climb out but as he climbed up the chain the plug snapped off, now he’s  stuck, I think his look says it all! Oh S*%^!

Day 23- Slush puppies! You are probably thinking you saw this image yesterday, and you’d be right, but that was taken at night with a Nikon D800 and I wanted to try it again to see what kind of comparison I would get in the daytime with a CSC camera, a camera at a fraction […]

Day 22 – So the snow is back and as I am a snow lover I couldn’t be happier! It reminds me so much of when I was a kid, just as exciting as waiting for the ice-cream van after school, sadly this ice-cream van will be running late as its skidded off the road […]

Day 2 – Today seems a little less exciting than yesterday, 365 pressure, two down and 363 to go ! For those that don’t know me, apart from being a freelance photographer I am also the Art Editor of a photographic magazine ‘Photography Monthly’. So today’s image is me in the office messing around with a […]