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  Day 129 – Colourful imagination. I love the weekends as I get to spend quality time with my daughter, and as a creative person I take such happiness in seeing Lottie love drawing, painting and now photography. Last weekend she told me how much she loves taking photos, her photos are as colourful as […]

  Day 123 –  Family resemblance. Today was a great day, I took my nephew, my daughter and my dog out for a sunny stroll. I armed my daughter with my little Nikon V1, Leon (my nephew) had his Canon 450d and the dog had her usual sniffing nose, so off we went to get […]

  Day 122 – Fairy Garden My little girl spent the afternoon with Lemara (my wife) making this very cool Fairy garden in this large plant pot. She is obsessed with fairies… Lottie not Lemara, so we planted some flower seeds underneath and she did the top, they did a great job, I’m just looking […]

  Day 116 – Somethings in life keep you grounded. Today I get to spend a valuable day with my little girl, she is such a great child and she makes me so proud, our afternoon didn’t go to plan as the kite she has so much wanted was broken so it flew for only […]

  Day 110 – Blooming gorgeous. Today was a special day, I was made a a godparent to a very good friend of mine’s son, little Edward. A family day with great friends and of course my ever growing family, what could be possibly better on a sunday?    

  Day 109 – Counting the days. Now that I am home I can rest a little easier knowing I will be there for the birth of our imminent baby, maybe I shouldn’t use the word rest, or maybe i should make the most of it! This is the baby kit packed ready for the […]

  Day 97 – Children are the sweetest. The last few days have been all about life, my mums birthday and tragic loss of life, my daughters lease of life and today our baby shower to welcome a new birth. Not one to keep banging on about it! I am due to be a papa […]

  Day 96 – The light of my life. A gorgeous sunset happened today, a big close sun, but before it had completely set, I caught my daughter picking daffodils in the garden, so I played around taking her photo with the sun behind her. When done I was pretty happy when we went off […]

  Day 89 – Looking forward to something special. As many people know I am about to be a dad again, me and my wife have been attending NCT (Antenatal Classes) and today was our last, we have met some lovely people, hopefully all of which will be lifetime friends. This picture is of one […]

  Day 82 – Painting smiles. Today I spent a few hours with a friend whose business is face painting ( www.cheltenhamfacepainting.co.uk ) We were at a children play centre and this cute little girl in her party dress wanted a butterfly on her face to match the ones in her hair, its such a […]

  Day 74 –  Smiles for sad stories. Today is Red Nose Day, a comedy charity day for less fortunate. My daughter was allowed to dress up for school to raise money, she was happy wearing this and the clown face I painted on her first thing in the morning (don’t worry i’m not giving […]

  Day 69 – Consequences of getting mashed! So Two days ago Mr Potato Head went out on the lash, “get your jacket , you’ve pulled!”  The day after they woke up feeling a little worse for wear, not really knowing what went on (come on, you’ve been there once!!) and today, Ta da, baby […]

  Day 67 – Its Friiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiday. After a long week at work, we can’t wait for the weekend, the weekend is (normally) a time to relax, have fun and let your hair down. What better way to break the weekend in, with a drink with a friend or loved one getting mashed!   

  Day 66- Cat’s eyes light the way. Actually in this room the cat’s nose lights the way, my daughter stuck these on the switch to finish off the babies room. If you’re not a cat lover you can always make the switch… a dog!  

  Day 61 – Sweet memories. No one ever needs reminding how great ice-cream tastes, unless of course you are dairy intolerant but as a child this simple thing, a blob of ice-cream on a wafer cone makes such happiness and no matter how old you are those tastebud feelings are hard to beat, especially […]

  Day 60 – What the duck is going on? There has been foul play in the bathroom, the question is, was ducky pushed or has he been on the drink too long? Mr bumped looks shocked but also like he couldn’t give a duck!  

Day 59 – On one hand its warm and on the other it’s not. As I scan for something interesting to photograph on my usual walk to work I stumbled across this poor lonely mitten. You have gotta hand it to the parents that put up with little terrors that have a lack of respect […]

  Day 55 – Things are looking up – Its a sunday and for me sundays were always family days, especially when a child and now, now that  I have one, more so than when i was a teenager for obvious reasons. As we all know teenagers hide away from their parents nursing hangovers or attitude, all […]

Day 50 – Bubbles in the bath. Mr Bump has fallen in to the bath, he tried to climb out but as he climbed up the chain the plug snapped off, now he’s  stuck, I think his look says it all! Oh S*%^!

  Day 48 – Tree of life. Today was a day I have been waiting for, for a while. To go out for a nice walk take some natural pictures of my gorgeous wife carrying our baby or ‘bump’ as we call it! Trees are alway synonymous with life and growth so what better place […]

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