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  Day 47 – Looking back at Rock’n’Roll. Today was a great day to get involved in a special cause, for a beautiful little girl who has Rett. This event ‘HollyFest’ was in aid to raise money to help find a cure and to share awareness, the event hosted epic entertainment. AJ a Hip Hop […]

  Day 34 – Balls to it! Sometimes it’s not about getting the perfect picture, a picture that is pin sharp, perfectly exposed with the composition to satisfy any photographic snob. Its about capturing a picture that  shares moment or story, like this image, you can see the happiness hidden behind the balls, a memory […]

  Day 33 –  Being stumped! Everyday I take a picture for this project, it gets harder and harder, especially to capture something different, or quality or interesting. Some days its a real challenge to get one picture, and then yesterday comes along and I have too many to choose from. A savoured day out […]

  Day 27 – Leading lines, a day out at Kiddicare in Dudley, Birmingham, preparing for the imminent baby. My daughter already measuring up to be a great big sister, lines up to the average height of a Zebra…looks like a Zebra crossing her mind!

Day 24 – As I walked to work this morning in the disappearing snow I took two photos, one of a very cool snow man looking very happy, as its future looked very bleak and the other, of the beautiful sunrise through trees. So it looks like I got to photograph something I am soon […]

Day 20 – When I started this project I really wanted to avoid filling each day with pictures of  1. My Daughter  2. My Dog  3. My soon to arrive baby. But like anything in life you love so much you can’t help but want to share it, I would add my wife to that […]

Day 12 – When I started this project I thought how hard can it be to take one photo a day? Well not hard at all, unless you feel you need to take a picture that has a meaning, is clever in it’s entirety  or something people would go ‘damn that’s a great photo!’ So […]

Day 5 – This is one of my favorite shots in a while, I photograph my daughter as much as she’ll allow and with a new addition to the family soon I am sure she’ll be glad of rest! We went for a walk round Sudeley Castle in Winchcombe, Lottie decided to take us for […]

This is the gorgeous and  incredibly well behaved little girl of the Walbys, Mum Lisa and Father Stuart of the Covers Band ‘Chip Shop Boys’. Stuart had musical instrument around the house so we made use of the guitar and trumpet case, of course with a nice cosy blanket. It was Indies choice afterwards with […]

As autumn turns to winter it was time to make the most of the remaining gorgeous colours before they were washed away with the bad weather. 9am on a sunday morning, destination Sudeley Castle in Winchcombe. A family shoot with the Bell Family courtesy of a previous client and friend of the Bell’s the Barnes (also […]

My second feature to go in the magazine was a joint effort with the the Features Editor Lorna Dockerill. We were given two children proof camera’s and set them off to photograph what they wanted. The ideal was to see what they would come back with that would compare to what we may of gone […]