Day 83 – Snow way down. You’d be forgiven for thinking this is winter, we are officially in spring, the bulbs are sprouting, daffodils are flourishing seas of yellow everywhere and now the temperatures have plummeted to an all time low in the last 50 years. With a sugar dusting of snow, where better […]

  Day 81 – The weathers looking down! I think I probably speak for most people when I say I have had just about enough of the need to moisturise the pavements, day after day with temperatures at their lowest in for this time of the year for 50 years. I think its time to […]

  Day 78 – Light storm. After receiving a new lens from Sigma ready for my imminent trip to Sri Lanka, I thought I would try it out and capture the comet that is floating about at the moment. The Comet Pan STARRS can be seen around 6.45pm below the moon in the western skies, […]

  Day 77 – On a bulb setting. A beautiful sunset on my way home from work, at last the evenings are drawing out so it’s light enough for me to take a photograph without having to do a long exposure (Bulb setting!)  

  Day 56 – Walls have ears and roads have… eyes? Now these aren’t your average cats eyes, oh no, these don’t illuminate the road to help you home safely, these are the eyes of a stoned and drunken road with a double yellow smile. Just look at those pot holes well and truly lashed! […]

  Day 51 – Peering out. A trip to Clevedon to visit the old Victorian Pier in the this lovely little coastal spot, the weather wasn’t ideal for photos but the old pier is very pretty, so a little walk along the boards to the end to take a look back at the town and […]

  Day 35 – Old Bird or hot chick? Car design has come a huge way since this old Rover from the 60s, sadly I think most modern cars have lost charisma, personality and style unlike the old car, new cars all look so similar in their quest to be the best, copying each other, […]

  Day 28 – Sometimes you just have to wait and see! Today was just one of those days I wondered what I was going to shoot, time was drawing to an end  as I was strolled home , paused and perched on the edge of the road waiting for the go from the green man […]

Day 25 – My weapons of choice. Preserve life, not destroy it, I can’t but help wanting to mention the laws in America after the massacre/gun shooting at the school, and then a few weeks later, 2 separate incidents at colleges. This morning I saw a post on the internet saying that it will be illegal […]

Day 23- Slush puppies! You are probably thinking you saw this image yesterday, and you’d be right, but that was taken at night with a Nikon D800 and I wanted to try it again to see what kind of comparison I would get in the daytime with a CSC camera, a camera at a fraction […]

Day 15 – Nothing can give you the true perspective of what happened at these camps, and visiting can only give you a little better idea. Whilst walking around in the comforts of my boots, thermals, coat, hat and gloves, you cannot but think how you could even survive a few minutes here in next […]

Day 9 – As a photographer and a designer I love lines, shape and texture and this stylish building has it, unfortunately the texture for this lost structure is more down to its disrepair. ‘ENVY”? Yes many years ago it was, a hotspot full of life and fame, years of showing huge hollywood films, such […]

For those that know me and for those that don’t it wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to realise I LOVE photography, and apart from taking my camera out, at any given opportunity, I am the Art Editor of a national magazine… Photography Monthly. So it looks like I finally got lucky in the job stakes, […]