Day 20 – When I started this project I really wanted to avoid filling each day with pictures of  1. My Daughter  2. My Dog  3. My soon to arrive baby. But like anything in life you love so much you can’t help but want to share it, I would add my wife to that […]

Day 19 – Snow is still here and my pooch just loves the snow, this Miniature Schnauzer (Snowauzer)  is not a catch ball, get stick dog, but a poser, a show dog or so she thinks, but when the snow comes… she is a mad dog, if she’s not running around in it… she’s eating […]

Day 12 – When I started this project I thought how hard can it be to take one photo a day? Well not hard at all, unless you feel you need to take a picture that has a meaning, is clever in it’s entirety  or something people would go ‘damn that’s a great photo!’ So […]

Day 10 – Ten days in and I am wondering how I am going to be able to maintain a level of interest with my photos, and after chatting to a friend today who asked me that question in a roundabout way I realised that its going to be tough. However, what I did also […]

Day 9 – As a photographer and a designer I love lines, shape and texture and this stylish building has it, unfortunately the texture for this lost structure is more down to its disrepair. ‘ENVY”? Yes many years ago it was, a hotspot full of life and fame, years of showing huge hollywood films, such […]

Day 5 – This is one of my favorite shots in a while, I photograph my daughter as much as she’ll allow and with a new addition to the family soon I am sure she’ll be glad of rest! We went for a walk round Sudeley Castle in Winchcombe, Lottie decided to take us for […]

Day 2 – Today seems a little less exciting than yesterday, 365 pressure, two down and 363 to go ! For those that don’t know me, apart from being a freelance photographer I am also the Art Editor of a photographic magazine ‘Photography Monthly’. So today’s image is me in the office messing around with a […]

As autumn turns to winter it was time to make the most of the remaining gorgeous colours before they were washed away with the bad weather. 9am on a sunday morning, destination Sudeley Castle in Winchcombe. A family shoot with the Bell Family courtesy of a previous client and friend of the Bell’s the Barnes (also […]

The first of the mini videos of the Chip Shop Boys, behind the scenes, sound checks and live on stage, more to come! “Rolling in the Deep Bath” 2012 Make sure to check out their website of up coming events and the hugely anticipated trip to the Abbey Road studios.

Monday the 24th of September hosted Bath University Freshers event with Gloucestershire’s finest cover band the Chip Shop Boys. I have been lucky enough to know the boys for about 15 years and  was keen to join them to document one of the biggest student events the band do. So with a back stage pass […]

My second feature to go in the magazine was a joint effort with the the Features Editor Lorna Dockerill. We were given two children proof camera’s and set them off to photograph what they wanted. The ideal was to see what they would come back with that would compare to what we may of gone […]

For those that know me and for those that don’t it wouldn’t take a rocket scientist to realise I LOVE photography, and apart from taking my camera out, at any given opportunity, I am the Art Editor of a national magazine… Photography Monthly. So it looks like I finally got lucky in the job stakes, […]

Nick and Grace A cracking hotel wedding in Gloucester with Nick and Grace Reynolds. A ceremony in the New County Hotel, off to the Greyfriars for the group shots then the couple shots at the Glorious Gloucester Docks. I was very fortunate that the boats in the docks were dressed up for the Jubilee and […]